God’s Power Is Alive

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Free Song – God’s Power Is Alive

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Tracks Include:

  • 1. Keep On The Firing Line
  • 2. Begin Anew – by William Andes
  • 3. Press Towards The Mark– by William Andes
  • 4. There’s A God For The Hurting – by William Andes
  • 5. What Made The Sunrise? – by William Andes
  • 6. I’ll Fly Away
  • 7. Keep Revival – by William Andes
  • 8. Poor Rich Man – by William Andes
  • 9. Old Time Religion
  • 10. God’s Power Is Alive – by William Andes


All inspiration comes from God, but man has a tendency to dilute God’s inspiration. If taken in It’s purity, It will transform a life into God’s Life! 


I, William Andes, am a Christian who has personally experienced the saving Power of the Lord Jesus Christ. My Life has been transformed by the entrance of the Savior’s Love and my desire is to tell others of God’s wonderful salvation through word and song!


Email me and tell me how this music has drawn you closer to the Lord Jesus.